Taking action aligned with laws – guidelines – policies. In short: regulatory conformity.



The interaction of laws and regulatory requirements intensifies, making technology an increasingly important factor. No matter whether it’s about the EU data protection, transaction screening as a requirement to comply with financial regulations or about the prevention of money laundering and fraud, efforts are supported by technology. So reliable systems are necessary to ensure a reliable compliance.

However, all these systems are subject to regulatory requirements. If one takes into account the ever-increasing flow of information and the amount of data that can be handled by a single company, the arising question is: "Can I fully rely on the results?"

How can you ensure that the data supplied by other systems is correct? How can you verify end-to-end integrity of data? The solution seems to be a simple one: Testing!

Unfortunately, authenticity and cost pressure create additional challenges.

FMC Feindt Management Consulting GmbH is the partner that helps you stay on track.

Our "Compliance meets Succest" method is the verification of the effectiveness of your compliance system landscape through a sound and systemic analysis. We compose our teams individually to best match your needs, and can support you in all required steps, starting with an analysis of your compliance IT systems. The FMC portfolio includes services for all mandatory legal requirements. Specifically, this includes requirements for IT, e.g. the German regulatory requirements for IT (“Bankaufsichtliche Anforderungen an die IT - BAIT”). We create customized solutions for you to address your needs and support you throughout the implementation process.

FMC Feindt Management Consulting GmbH is experienced in the areas of supervisory law and regulatory requirements, and has the required methodology to make your project a success.

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