IT Security & Data Protection

From new EU Data Protection Directive up to Anti Money Laundering, FMC secures you.

Information Security & Data Protection

At FMC, we employ internationally recognized experts who have many years of international project experience in the areas of IT Governance, IT Risk, Data Privacy and Information Security. Our philosophy is that Information Security, Data Protection, Risk Management and IT Governance go hand in hand and must work together rather than against each other or in silos in order to achieve the required results. Without Information Security, there can be no Data Privacy. On the other hand, Data Privacy delivers a powerful argument for improved Information Security. The European General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), for example, demonstrates that governments are increasing their data protection requirements and the stiff penalties for violations make compliance nonnegotiable. Socially responsible companies have recognized that Information Security and Data Protection should not be seen as “the cost of doing business” but, rather, as an opportunity to improve the internal controls over their operational processes. Implemented correctly, Information Security will support rather than inhibit your business and we at FMC firmly believe that implementing proper security procedures will generate a competitive advantage regardless of the size of your organization.

To support our customers, FMC offers a wide range of Information Assurance services including Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning, IT Risk Assessments, IT Audits, Information Security or Data Privacy System Management (ISMS/DPMS) implementation including the development of the requisite Information Security and Information Technology policies and procedures. FMC can also help you securely transform your business by finding the right cloud service providers and ensuring your transition to the cloud meets your corporate and regulatory requirements regardless of whether you are a medium sized company or a global enterprise. Last, but not least, FMC will support you while you are looking for the perfect candidate by providing skill consultants to fill interim roles as your CIO, CISO, CSO or DPO.